Boss Digital was engaged by Lovestruck, a premium dating services provider, to expand its user base and strengthen its brand presence in the competitive online dating market. The objective was to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, create an effective online marketing plan, and execute targeted Google and Facebook advertising campaigns. The strategy encompassed various online channels, including social media, SEO, email marketing, and content marketing, aiming to enhance Lovestruck's online visibility, attract quality leads, and nurture customer relationships. The detailed online marketing plan outlined specific tactics, timelines, budget allocations, and performance metrics to ensure cost-effectiveness and drive meaningful results.

By leveraging Boss Digital's expertise, Lovestruck sought to achieve increased brand visibility, higher user acquisition, improved user engagement, enhanced conversions and retention, as well as data-driven insights to refine their marketing strategy and secure a strong position in the premium dating services market.


Boss Digital provided Lovestruck with a comprehensive suite of services to enhance their online presence and attract quality users seeking committed relationships. We devised a tailored Digital Marketing Strategy, focusing on Google and Facebook Advertising, and crafted a well-structured Online Marketing Plan. Our team designed compelling creatives for engaging online ad campaigns, ensuring maximum reach and impact.

To track the effectiveness of the campaigns, we set up mobile app analytics, enabling Lovestruck to gain valuable insights into user behavior and campaign performance. We conducted thorough keyword research and formulated an SEO plan, optimizing Lovestruck's visibility on search engines and driving organic traffic to the platform.

Additionally, our team implemented strategic social media boost posts, mobile app installs, and remarketing campaigns to foster user engagement and retention. The combination of these initiatives resulted in increased brand visibility, higher user acquisition, improved conversions, and enhanced user engagement on Lovestruck's platform.

With data-driven insights and constant optimization, Boss Digital played a pivotal role in Lovestruck's success, solidifying their position in the competitive dating services market as a go-to platform for those seeking committed relationships.


  • 192% increase in mobile app installs
  • 142% increase in active users
  • 174% increase in organic traffic
  • Average 1,540 app installs each month
  • 210% increase in reach on social platforms
  • 78% of keywords rank on page 1 e.g. Hong Kong's best dating site


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