South China Morning Post


South China Morning Post (SCMP), a prominent media organization covering news, arts, and entertainment in Hong Kong and Asia, sought the expertise of Boss Digital to revitalize their social media presence. The primary goal was to amplify their social media engagement by increasing likes, comments, shares, and overall interaction with their diverse audience.


Boss Digital tailored a solution to enhance SCMP's social media engagement and digital presence, centered around a well-crafted content marketing strategy. They began by thoroughly researching SCMP's audience, preferences, and engagement behaviors to shape a content plan that harmonized with the brand's identity and audience interests. Notably, the solution emphasized compelling copywriting techniques, yielding engaging and informative social media content that sparked curiosity and fostered interaction.

The creative team at Boss Digital played a crucial role by designing visually appealing graphics that complemented the written content, making the posts visually striking. Publication was carefully timed, leveraging optimal posting schedules and organic expansion through hashtags and keywords.

A highlight was the development of a Facebook App for a campaign supporting unsung heroes in Hong Kong, encouraging user engagement by nominating impactful individuals. This initiative not only elevated engagement on SCMP's social media but also nurtured positive brand sentiment. By integrating content strategy, copywriting, design, and strategic promotion, Boss Digital successfully revitalized SCMP's social media presence and audience interaction.


  • Increase in total rech by 348%
  • Around 5 – 10 engagements on each post, average engagement rate of 6.2%
  • 4.7% CTR to SCMP website
  • Increased the amount of nominations by 432% for unsung heroes in the Unsung Heroes SCMP campaign
  • 327% increase in reach
  • 140% increase in likes


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