The Club Managers’ Association of Hong Kong


The Club Managers' Association of Hong Kong (CMAHK) sought to elevate their annual networking events by creating a comprehensive digital platform. They approached Boss Digital with the request to design and develop both a sophisticated website and a mobile app that could enhance their networking events, facilitate professional development, and provide a hub for sharing best practices, resources, and educational content among their members.


Boss Digital took a holistic approach to address CMAHK's requirements. The team designed and developed a dynamic, responsive website that served as the central hub for members and event attendees. The website featured various sections such as news updates, a resource repository, a knowledge center, a directory of members, and an exclusive member login area. This comprehensive web platform was meticulously crafted to provide easy navigation and access to a wealth of valuable information, fostering a strong sense of community among club managers.

In addition, Boss Digital utilized React Native to create an iOS and Android mobile app specifically for CMAHK's yearly networking events. This app was tailored to enhance the event experience by offering a detailed schedule, presentation information, sponsor details, photos, videos, and networking opportunities. The app's intuitive interface ensured that event attendees could efficiently access relevant information and engage with fellow participants. By seamlessly integrating these digital solutions, Boss Digital enabled CMAHK to maximize the impact of their networking events and provide ongoing support to their members.


  • Improved website and user experience
  • Online registration for club managers to join
  • Better communication with club managers
  • An Event App to view event schedules and info, view speaker presentations, bios, take notes, write reviews, and network with other delegates.


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