Mira Moon


Mira Moon, an acclaimed design boutique hotel situated in the bustling area of Causeway Bay, sought to amplify its online presence and provide a captivating digital experience that reflected its unique blend of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival mythology and modern luxury. They approached Boss Digital with the aim of revitalizing their website, improving user engagement, and optimizing their online visibility across multiple languages.


Boss Digital created a digital experience that captured Mira Moon's unique charm and cultural influences. Our approach began with close collaboration during the scoping phase to understand Mira Moon's vision and needs. This paved the way for subsequent stages, including UX & UI design, where Boss Digital translated the hotel's aesthetic into an intuitive digital interface.

Website development followed, with meticulous attention to detail by Boss Digital's skilled developers to ensure a functional and user-friendly site. Rigorous testing and quality assurance were carried out to resolve any issues before the site's launch.

The key to this effort was accommodating Mira Moon's diverse audience. Boss Digital undertook thorough keyword research and re-engineered meta data in multiple languages, optimizing discoverability. A comprehensive site audit resulted in strategic improvements to loading speed, accessibility, and overall performance, enhancing both the user experience and search engine visibility. This approach broadened Mira Moon's reach and ensured their offerings resonated with a wider audience.


  • A visually captivating and culturally immersive website design that resonated with Mira Moon's unique concept.
  • Enhanced user engagement and seamless navigation, contributing to increased time spent on the website.
  • Improved search engine visibility across multiple languages, driving organic traffic growth.
  • A fully responsive website that delivered a consistent experience across devices, boosting user satisfaction.
  • Substantial reduction in bounce rates due to optimized page load times and site performance.
  • Strengthened brand positioning as a luxury boutique hotel that offers an unparalleled digital experience.


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