Belber faced multiple challenges in their online presence. Their existing website lacked modern design and failed to showcase their exquisite handmade leather bags and accessories effectively. Additionally, their online visibility was limited due to poor search engine rankings and underperforming Google and social media advertising efforts. To address these issues, Belber sought Boss Digital's expertise in web design, SEO, Google Advertising, social media advertising, and performance marketing. They aimed to revamp their website, highlight their craftsmanship, and attract more targeted traffic and sales through effective digital marketing strategies.


Boss Digital successfully revamped Belber's online presence through a comprehensive solution that covered web design, SEO, Google advertising, social media advertising, and performance marketing. They crafted an effective social media and email marketing content strategy, executed skillful copywriting and creative development, and meticulously planned editorial calendars. The team delivered engaging content, producing 8 personalized emails and landing pages monthly in 12 languages, reaching 10 million recipients worldwide.

Their focus on Facebook and Instagram brought remarkable results, generating over 12,480 new fans and achieving an impressive 2.8% engagement rate through effective social media advertising. By sharing content, seeding, and engaging with fans, brand ambassadors, and influencers, the brand experienced a remarkable 373% increase in organic traffic and an extraordinary 251% boost in sales within the first year. Boss Digital's efforts resulted in a significant transformation for Belber's online performance and brand success.


  • Over 12,480 new fans
  • 373% increase in organic traffic over 1st year
  • Engagement rate of 2.8%
  • Sales increased by 251% over 1st year


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