JLL partnered with Boss Digital to generate new leads for corporate office leasing in Hong Kong through online advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Additionally, they aimed to enhance the visibility of the website through technical SEO and optimization activities.


JLL sought the expertise of Boss Digital to implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that combined SEO and online advertising. By leveraging these strategies, JLL successfully generated new leads for corporate office leasing in Hong Kong and significantly increased the visibility of their website,

Boss Digital implemented effective SEO techniques, including technical optimizations, to improve the website's search engine rankings and enhance its overall visibility. This ensured that JLL's offerings and services were easily discoverable by potential clients.

In addition, Boss Digital crafted and executed targeted online advertising campaigns across popular platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram. By strategically promoting corporate office leasing in Hong Kong, they maximized JLL's reach and engaged with the right audience. These advertising efforts resulted in a steady stream of qualified leads for JLL.

Overall, the collaboration between JLL and Boss Digital provided a powerful solution that effectively harnessed the potential of digital marketing. By combining SEO and online advertising, JLL experienced increased visibility, amplified lead generation, and strengthened their position in the competitive corporate office leasing market in Hong Kong.


  • Organic traffic increased 932% in 12 months (Chinese/ English)
  • Chinese & English Conversions increased by 2200% in 12 months
  • 774% increase in traffic & 340% increase in enquiries


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