Box Of Hope


Box of Hope reached out to Boss Digital with the aim of having a website designed and developed. The primary objective is to connect with the community, encouraging local individuals, schools, and corporates to participate in crafting gift boxes for children in need. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness about the children's charity and encourage active engagement and contribute towards their mission.


Boss Digital designed and developed a modern, responsive website using WordPress and WooCommerce. This strategic approach aimed to maximize engagement and support from the Hong Kong school community in terms of donating gift boxes. The website includes a dedicated e-commerce platform with a user-friendly interface, enabling seamless online donations. By incorporating WooCommerce, we established a streamlined donation process, making it convenient for individuals to contribute and actively participate in the initiative year after year. This innovative web solution serves as a robust foundation, inspiring supporters to wholeheartedly engage with the cause and make a meaningful impact through their box donations.


  • Compelling, user-friendly website showcasing the charity's mission and driving engagement.
  • Greater visibility of website and search engine ranking
  • Expanded online reach, raising community awareness and outreach.
  • Streamlined collaboration with schools, corporations, and individuals via dedicated website sections.
  • Increased online donations through seamless platform integration and compelling storytelling.
  • Favorable user feedback on design, functionality, and accessibility.
  • Better lead generation mechanisms
  • Enhanced credibility, building trust with donors, partners, and beneficiaries.
  • Dynamic online tool for Box of Hope to share stories, updates, and events, sustaining engagement.
  • Faster loading


"I'm delighted to recommend Jonathan and his team at Boss Digital. They designed and developed an inspiring charity and donation website for the Box Of Hope of very high quality both in the creative and technical aspects. They also optimised the website for SEO. Boss Digital are hands on, hassle-free and seasoned professionals."


Box Of Hope, COO


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